2013 Winter At A Glance

Winter_Feb2013_UpperWestSideDisplayed is a picture of the ill effects of a beautiful night’s snowfall, taken in the Upper West Side, taken by yours truly back in 2010.
Ugh! I can still remember how messy and gross the slush was, just after watching the snow flowing so beautifully the night before. But I must be honest, there was something that gave me promise; I witnessed all of the parents pulling their kids in big sleighs, making the moment into a positive, making it way more cooler and memorable than one could have imagined possible….

….But back to what I was trying to say…

Winters these past few years, have been quite alright. Just last week, we had a weird shift in the weather, day after facing a 20-degree wet mess. The very next day, it hit almost 70, which was awesome, seeing how I hadn’t brought over my coats from my old Queens apartment yet. I damn near danced in it. A few friends called our hot Winter a, “Crazy Winter”. I told a friend, “You’re out of your mind! This is an Awesome Winter.” Now, only if Mother Nature can be so kind, to find it in her heart to allow it to stay. I’ll take an early Spring any day. ♥.

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