New York State Of Mind…

Growing up here, I never noticed how wonderful it must be, on the outside, looking in, until I noticed just how many movies, magazines, newspapers, television shows, and people from all parts of the World, thrived on New York City living. And so, at times, as a kid, my reply was like, “Yeah, it’s cool.” Now, it’s, “I freaking love this place!”. New York city is so  big, urban, and multi-cultural. At any moment, with the hailing of a taxi or the swipe of a Metrocard, I can go to a neighborhood, that’s like a whole different country, and try new foods, and meet new people, and feel safe. New York, for me, gives me a sense of safety. It’s like Billy Joel and Alicia Keys had once stated in their songs. I honestly feel like I can go anywhere, try anything, and still feel right at home. Welcome guys to New York At Its Best!



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Founder Of New York Fancy, I am a New Yorker myself. Brooklyn born, I come from two very big families and I love to travel.

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